The Samoan Pyramid: The true story behind an extraordinary mystery




A real-life archaeological thriller!

A forgotten pyramid. A demon’s curse. An ancient civilisation lost even from myth.

You will love this real-life archaeological thriller! Because this true story doesn’t pull any┬ápunches as it keeps you turning the pages late into the night.

Immersive, fast-paced and wild. The Samoan Pyramid reads like pure fiction.

Combining research, history, archaeology and real-life adventure. The story leaps off the page, grabs you by the throat, belches rum in your face and pulls you right inside, on the hunt to find the lost pyramid of Pulemelei.

Welcome to the Jungle! When the odds are stacked against you, will you go it alone?

“A bold and gutsy adventure” Christopher Dunn – Author of the Giza Power Plant

“A real-life archaeological thriller!” Robert Bauval – Author of the The Orion Mystery

Discover the Samoan Pyramid today. Are you brave enough?

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